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1 - The idea
2 - In practice
3 - Specialities
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Wedding list  
II - In pratice

The maintenance has to be early in the general organisation of the wedding. A displace to your residence is completely possible.

With this occasion, a meeting around one hour is completely sufficient. It allows you to clearly understand the way your list goes.
It's the upportunity for you to ask all your questions which seem to be important for you.

For example, together, we choose the way you want to be informed of the gifts carried out by your guests ( fax, mails..)

In practice, this personnalised maintenance with the future grooms is the occasion to define their preferences for the models.
A book is at their disposal to guide their choices, to determinate their priorities. They can also draw their inspiration from photos.

A detailed list is then drawn up, with a precise budget. That can go from a light list canteen composed of 12 forks and 12 silver spoons until a participation to a complete furniture.

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    Liste de mariage N° 3

The cheques of participation are credited on a special account "wedding list", attached to purely commercial activity of Dreams and Reality.

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III - Les spécialités >>

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